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LG GROUP in Korea has, over the past few years, established overseas R&D centers under the auspices of the LGEARI (LGE Advanced Research Institute), formerly LG Elite ( LG Electronic Institute of Technology). These technology centers are located in Russia - LGTCM (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Germany - LGTCE (Dusseldorf), the USA - LGTCA (San Jose, CA) and in Israel (Netanya).


LG Technology Center Israel was established in 1999 by LG Group as a technological representative in Israel. 


The office is located in Netanya city, one of the fastest growing Hi Tech communities in the country, and is constantly seeking and evaluating new Israeli technologies to be implemented in LG products. 

LG TCI operates to initiate joint R&D projects between LG companies, Israeli Hi-Tech organizations and Israeli academic institutions. We represent all business areas of the LG Group, Electronics, Chemicals as well as Telecommunication & Services. 



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