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Over 20 years of collaboration & experience


LG TCI (Technology Center Israel) was established in 1999 by LG Corp (LG Group holding company) as the technology scouting office in Israel. 

We explore opportunities for collaboration with the family of LG affiliates to promote strategic/financial investments and initiate joint R&D projects, tech transfer, and OEM projects. 


Under the umbrella of LG Corp, LG TCI’s mission is to generate investment in local high tech companies and develop business partnerships with startups, mature companies, universities, and research institutions in Israel.


LGTCI’s main activities:

  • Promote investments from seed to pre-IPO.

  • Suggest candidates for M&As.

  • Promote business development activities with portfolio companies.

  • Market trend research.

  • Development of new biz models.

  • Explore new companies that can fit LG’s future biz. 





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