Over 20 years of collaboration & experience


LG TCI (Technology Center Israel) was established in 1999 by LG Corp (LG Group holding company) as a technological representative in Israel. 

LGTCI office is located in Netanya city, one of the fastest growing Hi-Tech communities in the country, and is constantly seeking and evaluating new Israeli technologies and investment opportunities. 

Under the umbrella of LG Corp, LG TCI’s mission is to establish a broad spectrum of technology partnerships with startups, mature companies, universities and research institutions in Israel.
We explore opportunities for collaboration with the family of LG affiliates to initiate joint R&D projects/tech transfer/OEM projects and strategic/financial investments. 


LGTCI’s main activities:
-    Promote seed investments
-    Suggest candidates for M&As
-    Promote advanced stage investments 
-    Market trend research
-    Development of new biz models.
-    Explore new companies that can fit LG’s future biz. 


Additional similar tech centers are located in Japan - LGTCJ (Tokyo) and USA - LGTCA (San Jose, CA).